Thursday, 1 December 2016

Technology and Table Manners

Let us know what you think about table manners.

Technology has a very interesting impact not only on our table manners (mobile on the table during business lunch is more of a norm rather than exception today), but also on what and how we eat.

A rather interesting article on Instagram influence.

"Once these Instagram-friendly foods go viral, they can completely change the way we eat. Breakfast, for example, has shifted from a decidedly unphotogenic cereal or marmalade on toast to the bright hues of avocado toast (there are nearly 250,000 #avocadotoast hashtagged photos on Instagram) and smoothie bowls. Even the humble fry-up has been rebranded, in the hands of the Hemsley sisters, as an oven-baked, meticulously arranged, “healthier” big breakfast. It looks great and presumably tastes awful, the oven tray divided into neat strips of colour, from leathery lean oven bacon to overdone eggs.
Among the foods billed to gain traction in 2017, today’s Waitrose report points to Hawaiian poke and even, in an alarming twist, vegetable yoghurts. No doubt these will be helped along in the likeability stakes with their colourful, snappy Instagram vibe."

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